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Katrina is a realistic and passionate optimist focused on actively challenging the way others think about themselves, others, and their world.  She has a Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology, is a certified Adult & Kid's Yoga Instructor,  and founder of Bagus Kids, a child focused company inspired to create fun, mindful products for children.  Katrina is an avid world traveler and do-gooder working for causes in children's education and the environment. You can follow her humorous, personal reflection on Life, Dating, Feminism & Political Social Change here at  Breathe, Smile, Listen 

Suck it Up Buttercup

Suck it Up Buttercup

"Suck it Up Buttercup"


It’s been 4 weeks and in “liberal” citizen time 4 years.  The outrage, confusion, lies, dismantling of legislation, executive orders - one right after another has seemed never ending.

The excessive Facebook posts (far too many from myself :) from others and even tweets from the president himself, have become overwhelming.

The amount of online “friends”, that I have never spoken to or heard from in years, suddenly came out of nowhere to make fun comments like…

 “Suck it Up Buttercup.” 

What? Hmmm is that some kind of old school insult.

And then there it was again, and again.

I’m so confused. Is there a FB support group for bullies to come up with insults?

And then I read there was a bill proposed by a Republican in Iowa to stop counseling after the election on college campuses for students who were having difficulty.  That’s right, a bill was actually called “Suck it up Buttercup”. Classy. (I don’t think those spewing this term were even aware of this.)

And then came, “Snowflake.”

“You’re a Snowflake” written on an article I had posted regarding the vetting process of Syrian refugees.

Is that because I’m white? I am looking a bit pale. I really need to get to the beach.  Maybe they mean I’m a “unique snowflake”. I can give that to them. I’m a bit "unique".  

But then there it was again, and again. 

Ok, so they are trying to say anyone who cares is weak or fragile.  I guess the support group for bullies is growing stronger. 

 Perhaps that will be the end ….

But there was more; “Stop whining”, “Just accept you lost”, “You’re a cry baby”, “Good thing you’re pretty with those opinions”...

And I had enough.  My patience had worn thin.

 Let me break them down.

No, what I look like does not matter

As a citizen of this country, we are all entitled to our opinions and no matter what we look like it does not make our opinions more or less valid.  

No, I’m not whining

I am using my voice to speak up.  You don’t have to agree but you don’t get to diminish me because you don’t like it.

No, this wasn’t about “losing”

I am an American born citizen, white, educated, with a good job and health insurance. So the truth is, I personally did not lose much. This was never about me. This was about the country.

No, I’m not weak or fragile

I am strong enough in my own voice to stand up for what I believe.  I am not broken by insults or any current events I disagree with. Empathy is not for the weak. It’s for the strong.

No, I’m not crying

Tears will never be shed over insults or this president’s insanity.

Any tear that falls will fall for:

The Americans that have been marginalized by this country’s leaders for their race, sex, religion, economic status, or country of origin.

Americans without healthcare.

Native Americans that were shown once again their voice didn’t matter.

Refugees that went back to poverty and war and lost their chance at the “American Dream.”

Families ripped apart by an executive order drawn in hast without care, thought, or research. 

The rise of hate groups  and threats to communities all over this country.

Women who have survived abuse, violence, sexual assault and have to now see a man in power that represents everything they escaped.

Special needs children that have been left out of the conversation of school vouchers by our newly appointed Secretary of Education.

Loss of truth and decency by those in power and their followers.  

Lack of concern from citizens on issues regarding matters of treason, greed, corruption.

 The environment and wildlife that cannot speak up for itself.

Yes, there will be more to come that will evoke a sense of sadness but…

No, I will not be sucking it up

 I will be actively involved in local politics.

I will be calling, writing, and holding public officials on both sides accountable.

I will be reading as much as I can to learn both sides of issues that impact this country. (from reliable sources which does not include FOX news, Breitbart, or Alex Jones)

I will be watching, no matter how cringe worthy, this president’s press conferences and speeches.

I will be standing up for truth and not allow lies to become normalized.

I will be aware of bills that are being voted on and what impact they will have.

I will keep pushing for an investigation for this president's ties with Russia, his abuse of power, and his business conflicts.

I will keep learning what marginalized citizens experience in this country (including women - yes we are marginalized).

I will find ways to give back to communities that have been negatively impacted by current events.

A Buttercup is a vibrant yellow poisonous plant that cannot be eaten by animals.

Your insults will not devour me.

I will take time for myself to breathe, to smile at all the wonderful things in life, and listen to different perspectives and then I will continue to speak up.

And one day I will thank you.

I will thank you for brushing away that loose layer of dirt on issues many believed to be buried or gone. Now, as these issues rise to the surface they cannot be ignored.  

I will thank you for waking up many Americans to become active in our democracy and for helping them find their voice to speak up. 

And to those like myself, finding their voice,

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.” - Willian Faulkner


With Love xx














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