Mental Health & Guns-Time to Talk

“This is F*** stupid!” He yells aggressively.  “You’re a F*** B***!” He throws his folder across the room.

"My life sucks! Do you know all I do is go to doctors and get medication! I have no friends. I can’t sleep, and all I do is sit in my room.” (This is probably true. He has been dealt a rough hand.)

IDEA is More Than a Good Idea

What Betsy Devos and many Republicans are proposing is to go backwards, to neglect children with different learning needs, and to widen the gap between the haves and the have nots.

Please don't allow this to happen. Stand up for kids from all backgrounds and learning abilities.  As Senator Kaine stated, “All schools receiving Federal funding should be required to meet the guidelines under IDEA.”

Why Does America Hate Black People?

“Why does America hate black people?” the Fijian man working with me at the resort asks.
“What? They don’t. I don’t. We don’t. Why?” I reply rolling up the yoga mats.
“They keep shooting them. Look,” he hands me his phone.