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Katrina is a realistic and passionate optimist focused on actively challenging the way others think about themselves, others, and their world.  She has a Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology, is a certified Adult & Kid's Yoga Instructor,  and founder of Bagus Kids, a child focused company inspired to create fun, mindful products for children.  Katrina is an avid world traveler and do-gooder working for causes in children's education and the environment. You can follow her humorous, personal reflection on Life, Dating, Feminism & Political Social Change here at  Breathe, Smile, Listen 

Rolling in the New Year with a smile:)

Rolling in the New Year with a smile:)

“It’s all inside of you passion, freedom, wealth, ache, sadness, love, the sun, the moon and all the F*&%  stars. Stop looking, own it.” -Indra


It’s been a while. A good long while. I had to catch my breath, find my smile, as I listened to story after story while also reliving my own. I tried to stand back to really listen. I didn't refrain from annoying my friends on Facebook with rants though. I mean that’s what Facebook friends are for. Thanks guys:).

This past year I said goodbye to my dog of 17 years, I spent some time in Fiji teaching yoga, volunteering in a special needs school, and relocated for a new job.  

Somehow, in the midst of this, the wall of misogyny began to crack. Feminism got its long overdue rise. The pendulum that had been held up for so long went swinging. Things I’ve been trying to say for years were finally making headlines, TV show hosts were talking about it, news outlets reporting about it, and people were beginning to listen.

I was shocked it finally cracked, happy that people were listening, and sad at how at how deep it ran.

I also felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to our country. The ability for women to collectively have a voice to create a movement for change is what truly makes America great. For all of America’s faults, I’m  proud to be a citizen of a country where we can be heard, we can argue, we can write, we can talk and we can & will change things for the better.

But….. it got messy. It came for all of us. It's been a reckoning with who we are,  where we’ve been,  what we have been taught, and has left us with a looming question.  What’s next?  

It’s been over a year now since I stood  front and center with my sister at the first Women’s March in Los Angeles. The largest march in U.S. history. I was proud to be there, and proud of the movement. There was an indescribable buzz in the air of hope, anger, determination, and togetherness.  We started 2017 with a March and ended it with a historical movement #MeToo. This year we marched again, but our feet felt tired and a little heavier. The air of the 2018 Women’s March had a melancholy ring of uncertainty. The weight of current events had taken a toll on everyone.

But here we are, still standing, marching well into a new year, and I’m ready to delve back into my stories with a smile:) I hope you're ready to listen.

People have said, "Wow you're such a feminist," and asked the age old question when a woman speaks out, “Do you hate men?” I just laugh. Guess who taught me to be a feminist?  A man.


My father is one of the best men I've known. He used to take me to breakfast as a kid, read the news, talk about events and want to know my thoughts and ideas. When he packed my lunch he'd tape a Far Side cartoon on it to remind me to laugh.

He raised my sisters and I in the world he hoped we would inhabit. A world where we were worth equal value, respect, had the right to make our own choices and have our own opinions.  So no I don’t hate men. I love good men.  

I'm thankful for my brother, my brother-in-law, my guy friends that make me laugh and call me out when I’m wrong. I'm thankful for men that value my opinion even if it’s different than their own, men that have taught me things I would have never known, men that have been there when I needed someone, and yes the men that have been good dates and boyfriends. (They just don’t always make the stories;).

These good men, unfortunately cannot solely combat a misogynistic culture that is hundreds of years in the making, or override the unfortunate truth of what is happening out there.  Some very good men might not even be aware because misogynistic beliefs are so embedded into the fabric of our society.

So are we ready to delve back in? I am, for what it’s worth, I am ready to share my perspective.  It’s not right or wrong, but it’s my truth.  I share my truth in the hopes it can make someone laugh and understand something they may not have otherwise understood.  It's time we own (and tell) our own stories.   

So take a long deep breath. I know it’s been one hell of a year.

Smile :) We made it this far…

And keep listening. Because we have not said enough. We have only just begun…

Up next Saint Katrina and for a laugh... The Far Side by Gary Larson

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With Love

XX Kat

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